Homer Technologies Ltd. provides digital development, strategy & art direction services.

Lead by James Homer who has 15+ years of experience as a developer working with agencies, artists and brands in the creative sector. James has a broad range of skills, with a particular focus on creative and technical problem solving, whilst always maintaining an eye for the details — able to meticulously translate designs into reality, generate and communicate ideas for a pitch or build an app on shoe-string.

Selected projects: Mini: Lovecraft, Nike: House of Innovation, Matchify, Vogue Next, Hi Ibiza, Nosaj Thing: Continua, Rosewood Creative, Tom Wood, A-COLD-WALL, Dekks, Mamag, Theodore Music, Homer & Farley, East Photographic, Studio Thomas, Fokus CMS, Universe Porn, Quentin Jones, Bubble Bros, Phase 3 Architecture, Threefold Architects, Jack Williams, Dan Tobin Smith,

Get in touch: [email protected]